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From "Markus M. May" <>
Subject Re: Running processes with Ant
Date Sun, 26 Jan 2003 19:59:19 GMT
Hello Yaron,
I did not fully understand what you woould like to do with you ANT 
scripts. But I sounds like you are doing the whole build process with 
shell scripts and batch-files. Especially for this matter ANT is build. 
I am currently working on a large scale application using EJBs, Modules, 
Configuration Management, Unit Tests, etc. All the build process is done 
with ANT. Especially the Classpath thing is done using ANT as a base and 
Greebo for the Repository of the JARs.

I believe that ANT is a full replacement for the make process, even 
though it gets difficult, if you would like to do loops and stuff. But 
the most stuff you will find in some plugins, and the only thing, you 
have to do, is build your build.xml.

If you would like to do some stuff like starting up Tomcat , then ithis 
is possible also, but I haven't tested this, except for starting Tomcat 
up for Unit Tests, but not in a live environment.

So, therefor my experience tells me that you don't have to worry about 
using ANT. You have to worry, if you are not doing it.


Markus M. May


Yaron Ruckenstein wrote:

>My company's product is made out of several processes 
>such as Apache, Tomcat, Java, and more 3rd party tools.
>Currently I use .sh and .bat scripts to run the processes 
>on different platforms.
>It is very tempting to replace all these scripts with an ant script,
>and solve issues like running on different platforms and building the
>However I'm worried that using Ant is much more expensive.
>If I do not use Ant, then I execute a shell that brings up a JVM,
>load my process classes, and other libraries, and execute them.
>If I use Ant, I add to this loading the ant.jar, and the build.xml, 
>and this consumes memory and CPU resources.
>Also, if I use the fork option of the Java task, then I get an extra JVM 
>for each process. If I do not, then I have a JVM that loads more classes,
>and consumes more resources.
>I will very happy to hear you comments.
>Yaron Ruckenstein
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