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From Dennis Williams <>
Subject Adding classes to ejb jars using <support> with <ejbjar>
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2003 17:09:40 GMT

I'm having trouble adding support classes to my ejb jar file using the nested <support>
tag of

I've follwowed the suggested directions, and no file is included. I can include the support
within the jar, but only if I include it's full path within the  tag. This leaves me with
incorrect path for the class file within the jar.

Here's an example of what I'm attempting to do :-

<ejbjar srcdir="${stage}" descriptordir="${dd}" basejarname="startingpointEJB">
	<support dir="${classes}">
	<include name="/network/utils/Support.class"/>
	<weblogic destdir="${deploy}/applications">
		<pathelement location="${deploy}/lib/network.jar"/>
		<pathelement location="lib/weblogic60/weblogic.jar"/>
		<pathelement location="lib/weblogic60/weblogic.jar"/>
		<pathelement location="${deploy}/lib/network.jar"/>
	<include name="*ejb-jar.xml"/>
	<exclude name="*weblogic*.xml"/>

Has anybody else had the same problem?


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