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From "Chris Brown" <>
Subject [Ant 1.5.1] Inconsistency with <tar> when using nested <tarfileset> instead of basedir attr
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 12:01:03 GMT


I've noticed some unexpected behaviour with Ant 1.5.1's <tar> task.

I first tried:

<tar destfile="${target}/test.tar.gz"
     longfile="fail" compression="gzip">
  <tarfileset dir="${source}">
    <include name="**/*.java"/>
    <include name="**/package.html"/>

... which correctly created the test.tar.gz file.  However, despite the
source files being updated (I checked this by the dates on the disk), the
test.tar.gz file was never updated.  I switched on verbose execution, which
stated that each file was omitted as the output file was up-to-date (which
wasn't true).

I couldn't see any reason, so I tried the following workaround:

<tar basedir="${source}" destfile="${target}/test.tar.gz"
     longfile="fail" compression="gzip"

... and it worked !  Both should behave identically.

Is this a new or a known bug?


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