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From Phillip Lord <>
Subject Re: Generic template for software build plan
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2002 13:47:02 GMT
>>>>> "Nicola" == Nicola Ken Barozzi <> writes:

  Nicola> Phillip Lord wrote:
  >> "Hanman" == Hanman Gajarla <>
  >> writes: Hanman> Looking for a generic template for a software ant
  >> build

  Hanman> plan.  Appreciate your help.  Hanman> Thanks in advance.

  Hanman> -Hanman

  >> You can try my antmerge tool. Its in it's early days yet, but it

  >> provides a generic build environment using ant, and a system for
  >> incorporating local changes to the build
  >> environment.

  Nicola> The embed proposal, that is in Ant CVS since some time now
  Nicola> and is regularly built by Gump, permits users to import ant
  Nicola> buildfiles and redefine targets that have been imported.

  Nicola> It's been used by Centipede since some months now and works
  Nicola> well.  What is the difference with AntMerge? They seem very
  Nicola> similar.

No idea. Despite looking for quite a while, for something that did
what I wanted, I've never found anything. So I wrote something. Its
small, and simple, but even as it stands is seems to be decreasing the
amount of duplication in my ant files. 

The "embed proposal" is something I've not heard off. I managed to
find the source, from poking around in the ant CVS. Is there any
documentation anywhere? If someone else is working on something
similar, I would be happy. I'm only writing tools for operating over
build files out of necessity. 



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