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From Phillip Lord <>
Subject Re: Ant-Editor Integration
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 17:04:06 GMT
>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Slatcher <> writes:

  Steve> Hi all I have been using Ant for a while now and have
  Steve> recently been looking at a few editors and IDEs for Java
  Steve> development.  I am perfectly happy to build my Ant files in
  Steve> an ordinary text editor, and execute Ant target from the
  Steve> command line.

  Steve> What I really would like however is a Java source editor (it
  Steve> doesn't have to be a full IDE) that recognises classpaths I
  Steve> have set up in my build.xml (presumably linked to a javac
  Steve> command), rather than requiring me to maintain a project
  Steve> and/or classpath independently for the editor.  I may be
  Steve> wrong, but the IDEs I have looked at so far (mainly NetBeans
  Steve> - Eclipse and JDEE to a lesser extent) do not seem to be
  Steve> capable of this.  If anyone can point me towards such an
  Steve> editor I would be very grateful.

I've thought about this for a while. I use Emacs JDEE, and its
irritating to have to set up classpaths twice. I haven't got a generic
solution for this yet, but for something like Emacs, where the project
file is straight forward plain text (well lisp anyway), it would be
easy enough to use an ant "replace" task, to update the project file,
based on the ant values. 

I'm sure you could do something similar with eclipse, assuming it has
an non opaque project file system. Of course, how the IDE will cope
with having its files changed underneath it is a different issue. 


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