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From "Yaron Ruckenstein" <>
Subject PropertyFile & Echo tasks help needed
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 18:36:24 GMT

I'm trying to use these "exactly what I needed" tasks, 
and I have some minor problems that I hope someone can 
help me to solve:

1. Where can I learn about the syntax of the "pattern"
   in the propertyfile task ? I'm trying the format the 
   date to look like 02DEC2002

2. When I use the echo task to write to a file, I need 
   to insert new line between the lines. Since the "\n" 
   is not supported, I need to add something like this:
	<echo file="${project.dir}/inst/version.txt" append="true">
   because I have tabs and spaces, I get the text in the new
   line but not in the first column.
   Putting the </echo> on the beginning of the line solves this
   problem, but does not look nice in the xml file.	

3. I was thinking of change the file with a regular expression,
   but \n \r \t where not consider as special characters.
   Is there a place where I can learn about the syntax of the 
   ReplaceRegExp task (I'm using the jakarta-ORO).

Thanks, Yaron

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