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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: Efficient method to build JARs
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 16:15:20 GMT
I fail to see how any tool could *guess* which classes you'll dynamically
load from your code, except if you have a very controlled way of specifying
the list of such classes (their names I guess). Packaging more classes than
needed is better than not finding them at runtime once deployed.

Or I'm missing something altogether. --DD

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From: Aaron Kelley [] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 10:10 AM
Subject: Efficient method to build JARs

Is there an efficient way to build JARs (so it loads all the
dependencies and not every class file)?  I see that there is a
ClassFileSet, but it cannot pull required classes from JAR files.  Also,
I could not really get it to work and there seems to be a lack of
documentation for it.  Secondly, I looked at GenJar, but this package
requires you to actually list individual classes that form the root of
your dependencies.  My problem with this package is that I would have to
list all of my classes since we are dynamically loading many of classes
in out projects.  This is not an option since I will be using it for
automated building of large and changing projects.  I would love to hear
any other options I may have.

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