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From Ray Tayek <>
Subject ant and netbeans
Date Fri, 27 Dec 2002 04:38:32 GMT
hi, i like to use netbeans and ant. but the current recommended directory 
structure (in section 2.5.1-2.5.3 of java development with ant seems pretty 
incompatible with net beans. then of course there is the problem of where 
to keep the test files. to make matters worse. i tend to use rcs (as 
opposed to cvs) and keep the build file in the relevant package (i.e. 
com/tayek/games/go/sgf/build.xml is where i want the build file for this 
package to be. this leads to a lot of "../../../../../"'s in the build file 
which are ugly, but they do not change often. (these build files tend to be 
just for small parts of things).

has anyone had any luck in consolidating the way netbeans does things with 
this recommended directory structure?

how about the idea of keeping the build.xml file with the package that it 

any pointers would be appreciated.


ray tayek actively seeking mentoring or 
telecommuting work
vice chair orange county java users group
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