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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: Problem with ClassFileSet
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2002 11:23:33 GMT
Aaron Kelley wrote:
> If I copy all my classes from my rootfileset to the classfileset
> directory it works.  Why is that?  

The root fileset is about determining which classes are the root classes - 
this works as you expect. Internally the task produces a list of class names 
from the rootfileset, e.g.

This is all the rootfileset is used for. The classes are detemrined from 
their filenames and not by reading the bytecodes.

These class names are then searched for within the main classfileset dir. If 
they are not found, no information is known about the classes. Internally 
the task is structured in this two phase approach (1. determine classes to 
examine, 2. read in bytecodes of classes.

I guess you could make an argument for using the bytecodes from the 
rootfileset rather than in the main set. I'm open to suggestions as to how 
this should work and what enhancements it can support - e.g. pulling stuff 
out of jars, other paths, etc.

> So is this the
> correct solution then?  Just do a copy before I build the JAR?

It is *A* solution with the current task, yes.


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