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From Michael Kuß <>
Subject Re: Setting environment for forked java process on Win XP
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 16:12:58 GMT
I've got it.

<env key="Path" path="${java.library.path}:${rundir}/Client/lib" />

will work. It was just a matter of the case of the path.

Thanks Dominique, and the path="..." statement is
also working with unix style path separator :-).

I wonder if this is always the case with environment variables.
If it works the same way for UNIX I have to define one statement
for Windows and one for UNIX (and maybe others for other platforms).
I don't have time to test it. But I believe that the Path variable
is often used with JNI and maybe the ant team can enhance the java task
in that direction. Only if this is a commonly requested "feature"
of course.

With newenvironment="true" I cannot get it to work. Something is
missing in the environment and I cannot find any network host.
I wonder what the newenvironment="true" is good for in the
java task.

Thanks for all your help,

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