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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Java Development with Ant examples
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 16:02:32 GMT
Just a quick update...

I've posted an 0.2 release.  A build issue was reported (see 
docs/ReleaseNotes.txt for details) and corrected.  The
new release is available at

Also, you will need JUnit 3.8(.1) as I take advantage of the new lack of 
required String-arg constructors.  junit.jar should live in 
ANT_HOME/lib.  Ant 1.5(.1) is required also.

More serious documentation is forthcoming, I promise!


Erik Hatcher wrote:
 > Hesitantly (because I'm afraid of the support issues I'm about to field
 > :)....
 > Here is the much hyped and long awaited sample application that I've
 > mentioned and promised.  It is a trimmed down version of the application
 > Steve and I developed for our Java Development with Ant book.


 > The one documentation I need to provide now is to note that you'll need
 > j2ee.jar to build.  I include all other API's.  To build, unzip the file
 > (link below) and it will expand into JavaDevWithAnt directory.  In that
 > directory, run Ant.  If you have J2EE_HOME set you shouldn't need to do
 > anything... just "ant".  You'll also need to build a site index, so run
 > "ant build-site-index".  This is intentionally two separate steps.  If
 > you don't have J2EE_HOME set, then you need to provide j2ee.jar to the
 > build.  Do it this way:
 >     ant -Dj2ee.jar=/path/to/my/j2ee.jar
 > Where "/path/to/my/j2ee.jar" is the actual path to your j2ee.jar
 > Post any questions/problems to me directly.  E-mail me at
 > Download:
 > There will be updates in the next week or so as I polish the
 > documentation and address any issues that turn up.

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