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From "Matt Moran" <>
Subject Re: Ant-Editor Integration
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 13:52:40 GMT
I use jEdit ( with the "AntFarm" plugin.  When I want to
compile, I don't even bother with the "Compile Current Buffer" command,
because that would require me to set up my classpath within the editor, etc.
Instead, I just invoke the "AntFarm->Run current target" command, which does
the compile.  That way javac is only ever invoked from within ant, and I
always know exactly what classpath it is using.

I used to use JDEE, and you can do pretty much the same thing in that
environment.  In my opinion, setting up the buffer compile features in JDEE
is a waste of time.  Just set it up to use Ant, and do all of your
compilation that way.

I've never used NetBeans, but I bet you can do the same thing.

Hope this helps.

-Matt Moran

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From: "Steve Slatcher" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 5:41 AM
Subject: Ant-Editor Integration

> Hi all
> I have been using Ant for a while now and have recently been looking at a
> few editors and IDEs for Java development.  I am perfectly happy to build
> my Ant files in an ordinary text editor, and execute Ant target from the
> command line.
> What I really would like however is a Java source editor (it doesn't have
> to be a full IDE) that recognises classpaths I have set up in my build.xml
> (presumably linked to a javac command), rather than requiring me to
> maintain a project and/or classpath independently for the editor.  I may
> wrong, but the IDEs I have looked at so far (mainly NetBeans - Eclipse and
> JDEE to a lesser extent) do not seem to be capable of this.  If anyone can
> point me towards such an editor I would be very grateful.
> If you point me to NetBeans I would be even more grateful if you could
> me how do do it.  The only way I found was to independently mount my
> classes dir and jar files on the "filesystem".
> Many thanks
> Steve Slatcher
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