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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: Ant Perversions [was RE: Properties are causing problem in 1.5]
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 20:02:04 GMT

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From: "Scott Stirling" <>
To: "Ant Users List" <>
Sent: Sunday, December 01, 2002 15:20
Subject: RE: Ant Perversions [was RE: Properties are causing problem in 1.5]

> Yeah, but why call them from Ant?  It makes more sense to me to call Ant
> from a shell script, calling targets and feeding it parameters, instead of
> vice-versa.  That's how Ant gets started up from $ANT_HOME/bin anyway.  As
> soon as you're inside Ant world you lose things like return codes,
> text editors and easy piping from one command to another.  The new
> FilterChains in Ant are very cool, but you have to write, compile and
> package custom Java code for multi-line edit one-offs that sed and grep or
> perl can do in 1-4 lines of code (granted, sed and perl require their own
> environments to run (well, standalone (non-Cygwin) sed and grep can be
> obtained for Windows), but aren't things like sed and perl at least as
> widely available, even on Windows, as Ant and a 1.3 JDK?)

activestate perl is very god; has com object control too. But we do need a
sed task in ant, somehow.

>.  However, it may be worth
> revisiting to see if CruiseControl provides some other benefits he's
> overlooking.

It has a well founded reputation as being a dog to set up, but I hear it is

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