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From "Greg Hassan" <>
Subject telnet woes
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 21:02:15 GMT

I've seen related posts on this topic a number of times, so I will be brief
and hope this helps someone.

We use the telnet task to compile code on our UNIX box(es). When telnet-ing
manually, this process takes under one minute. Using ANT's telnet task can
take several hours. The client machine also takes a big hit, others have
reported their CPU load and memory usage climbing rapidly when using telnet.

I believe the problem is the logic used in the telnet task. If no timeout is
specified, method 'waitForString()' in will run in an
infinate loop until the specified string is matched. The problem is that the
entire string buffer is searched after every byte is received. When you have
large amounts of output from telnet, this causes java to evaluate this
continually growing string very frequently.

My current work around is to redirect output to a log file so ANT won't need
to process all this text.

Perhaps a code change is in order. I will try when/if I get time.


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