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From "Green Cap" <>
Subject Why is the generated ANT DTD missing attributes for core tasks?
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 18:47:20 GMT

According to the ANT manual, ANT has a core task called "fail"
Now "fail" has 3 attributes which are
"message", "if", & "unless".

I generate an ANT DTD using
<antstructure output="project.dtd"/>

My question is, Why doesn't the "fail" element contain those 3 attributes in
the project.dtd file?
Instead it contains the following attributes:
id, loops, source, duration

(By the way my computer only has one version of ANT which is 1.5)

<!-----copied from the project.dtd file ---->
<!ATTLIST fail
          id ID #IMPLIED
          loops CDATA #IMPLIED
          source CDATA #IMPLIED
          duration CDATA #IMPLIED>

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