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Subject Task to generate indexes
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2002 16:04:08 GMT
I want to generate an index html file for several thousand images.
I already have the thumbnails images, so I just want to autogenerate the page using the directory
listing and some XSLs. What would be the
recommend method for doing something like this? I've thought of a couple of ways:

* an external program.
* inline scripting (javascript? python?).
* a JSP preprocessor.
* custom XSLT extensions.
* custom task to do the whole thing.
* custom task to generate an XML file of a fileset listing, which is
  then piped into the style task

I'm partial to the last solution, since it's pretty reusable, but
I thought I'd ask if anyone has done things like this before? Surely
generating index pages of directories is a pretty common thing?


As an aside, this build script is for my graphic designer
girlfriend. She doesn't know anything about command lines and
really just wants a few icons to click run these automated tasks I'm
building for her. Has anyone made a graphical front end for Ant
which will simply pop up a window with a list of tasks and
descriptions which can be launched?  Also, can Ant run on MacOS 9,
or is it OSX only? 

Thanks guys,

- joshy

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