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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Xdoclet drowning in log4j DEBUG messages
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2002 16:48:05 GMT
Kell Sønnichsen wrote:
> We are both right :-) I cut-and-pasted the above _before_ I upgraded to
> Xdoclet 1.2b1. But the problem persists. The only change is in the
> classname, right?:
>           classname="xdoclet.modules.ejb.EjbDocletTask"

And where you put the classpath/classpathref/<classpath> stuff.  1.2 of 
XDoclet makes you put it on the <taskdef>, and its illegal on 
<ejbdoclet> now.

> I have tried 'ant ...' but even though
> the property does get set it seems to have no effect. I believe
> that Xdoclet doesn't read the system property so it is not set for
> log4j?
> If I remove log4j.jar (or the equivalent) it simply complains:

I believe its -Dlog4j.configuration=....

*not*  But this is a Log4j issue, not an Ant one, so 
refer to their docs, or take this up on the xdoclet-devel list from here 
on out since we're out of it being an Ant issue :))


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