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From George Spalding <>
Subject Use of task attribute id
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2002 14:59:59 GMT

In ant documentation there is a description of
Common Attributes of all Tasks.
There's an attribute id that is
"a Unique identifier for this task instance, can be used to reference
this task in scripts. "

I'm very curious of how this can be used. I get the impression it can
be used as shorthand for calling defined tasks or something.
I've fiddled with stuff such as this 
(with no success, needless to say :|  ):

<target name="atest" id="test1">
  <echo id="test.echo" message="The test."/>
<target name="wontwork">
  <test1 />
  <antcall target="test1"/>
  <test.echo />
  <antcall target="test.echo"/>

What is the use of the general id attribute? I know of the id/refid
mechanism for patternsets, filesets etc, can it be used for other
types as well?

George Spalding
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