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From Kevin HaleBoyes <>
Subject jspc and webinc
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 15:17:07 GMT
I'm using Ant 1.5.1 with Tomcat 4.1.12.

I'm using the JspC task and have a question about the webinc
attribute.  First, it isn't in the task description
in docs/manual/OptionalTasks/jspc.html but there is reference to
it in

I tried it anyway!

I have the following target:

    <target        name="process-jsps"
            description="Compile JSPs to Java sources"
        <echo message="Processing JSPs with JspC"/>
        <mkdir  dir="${build.jspc.home}"/>

        <jspc       srcdir="${web.home}"
            <include name="**/*.jsp" />
            <webapp basedir="${build.home}"/>


A couple of questions.  I'm not seeing any output during the
execution of the target yet I've set verbose to level 9.  Is there
anything I have to do to get the output?

Second, even though I've given the webinc attribute I'm not getting
a webinc.xml file after the target executes.  Everthing else works -
all my jsp files have been processed resulting in .java files in
the ${build.jspc.home} directory.  Is there something that I'm

When I run with -v on I get the following output:
     [jspc] Using jasper compiler
     [jspc] Compilation Executing '-d' with arguments:
     [jspc] '/home/hb/cml/build-jspc'
     [jspc] '-p'
     [jspc] 'com.illuminat.cml'
     [jspc] '-v9'
     [jspc] '-uriroot'
     [jspc] '/home/hb/cml/build'
     [jspc] '-uribase'
     [jspc] '/home/hb/cml/build'
     [jspc] '-die9'
     [jspc] '-webapp'
     [jspc] '/home/hb/cml/build'
     [jspc] The ' characters around the executable and arguments are
     [jspc] not part of the command.
     [jspc] Files to be compiled:

which doesn't show the usage of the -webinc parameter.

Am I missing something?  Can anyone shed any light?

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