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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: converting date/time
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 15:02:01 GMT
Are you saying that, based on the directory name being
DirName_0206, you would know the corresponding date
would be 2002-06-01?  If so, then it seems like some
simple String operations would do the trick... this
led me to think how cool it would be if the properties
syntax were expanded to include string and pattern
operations a la bash (I don't know if all its string
operators are available in ksh or csh).  Probably it
wouldn't be difficult to code (if somebody tells me
where properties are parsed out of ${} syntax I might
look into it myself) and it could maybe make life
easier in cases like this.

Another related thing that might be cool is to have
either or both of:  a way to limit the scope of a
property, or a way to return a value from an
<antcall>, so that it might not be so "costly" to use
properties for temporary values.

Okay, so now everybody tell me I'm crazy and argue
with me... :)


<> wrote:
> I have a series of month-based directories in the
> format "DirName_yyMM". So
> for example: DirName_0206 is the directory for June
> 2002.
> In these directory, I need to replace dates in some
> files, but I need the
> date in the format yyyy-MM-dd, for example,
> "2002-06-01".
> Is there any task that can do this? like a <tstamp>
> where you could specify
> the date/time instead of the current date/time.
> I suppose I could just write a task myself, but if
> something like that
> already exists, it would make my life easier... or
> lazier ;-)
> Thanks,
> Roland.
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