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From "Patricia Watt" <>
Subject RE: Naming build files
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2002 17:16:16 GMT
When Dominique said there's usually a single build file per project, I take that "project"
to mean a component.  As I said, we have several independent component/projects that use the
same jar(s) (sub-components).  I do not want to have to repeat what's in the build files for
the sub-component jars in each of the build files for the independent components.  So I think
we'll stick to the practice of having build files for the sub-component jars. 

And based on other responses, apart from the main build file for an independent component
(which IS usually called "build.xml"), it doesn't seem anathema to use other names for other
ant scripts--like those for our sub-components.
Thanks for the replies,

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De : Dominique Devienne []
Envoyé : 26 novembre, 2002 11:43
À : 'Ant Users List'
Objet : RE: Naming build files

Be careful, Ant scripts are not makefiles... A friend embedded over 80 build
files in his source tree, because he was used to makefiles.

One usually has a single Ant build script per project, most often at the
root of the project. Since build.xml is the default Ant build script, one
doesn't have to specify the -f or -buildfile switch on the command line.

Putting the Ant build script at the top level is important, as everything
can then easily be defined relatively from this point (see the location
attribute of <property>).

Does that help? --DD

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From: Patricia Watt [] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 10:39 AM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Naming build files


A fellow here at my work seems to think it's desirable (best practice) that
all build files are named simply "build.xml".  And hence that they'd have to
be stored in appropriately named directories in the source hierarchy.  Any
opinions on this?

Thanks for any comments.

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