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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: Question about alternative procedure.....
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2002 22:37:22 GMT

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From: "Damon Hill" <>
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Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2002 10:27 AM
Subject: Question about alternative procedure.....

> good day
> background:
> i am working on a very large project, that is about to enter the system
> testing phase.
> this will require the deployment of our application into a QA and a
> Production environment.
> we have everything in place and ready to go with the QA envrionment.
> one HUGE problem with the Production environment: the company I am
> working for has classified
> ANT as a 'build' tool and thus can NOT be installed on the Production
> machine.
> we are using ant scripts to deploy to WebSphere Application Server 4.0
> on these environments.

Operations fascists :) Dont let you near the machine till its most
inconvenient for you, like the first day of your first week off for six
months, then they page you, sit you down in the cold room and say 'its your
code, fix it', leaving you to hang around for hours till you can say 'its
your DNS server, fix that' and leave...

Ant is actually embedded inside tomcat, so it is harder to hide from than
they think...

> therefore, we are attempting to do a REMOTE deployment from the QA box
> to the Production box.
> inside our deployment we are actually packaging ant (hiding it so to
> speak) and are then going to
> remotely call the ant deployment scripts from the QA box on the
> Production box.
> however, the <telnet> task is very archaic in the fact you must
> repeatedly send out <read> calls
> to make sure the session is active. This makes the particualr process
> very cumbersome.
> procedure question
> the question is: is there anyway to accomplish the remote call of ant
> from one machine to another
> without the repetitive <read> calls? Is this the best and only way to
> accomplish this??

right, i've done deployment where I do have ant on the dest boxes, and ftp
up and ant script then invoke it...chapter 18 of java development with ant
if you are curious, and the sample build files are all on
We dont wait for multiple reads, just the one to indicate the remote build

There is also a remote ant, rant, from, that provides apache
soap invocation of ant. But you would be mad to host that on a production
box, as there is no security at all.

you might find running Perl remotely is your final choice.

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