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From "Jeffrey Jensen" <>
Subject Re: Building a source reference
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 22:51:11 GMT
I am still struggling with this and hope someone will shed the light.

I want to do something like this (this is obviously not correct

  <path id="">
    <pathelement location="csourceweb/source"/>
    <pathelement location="csourceweb/test" if="compile.tests"/>

  <javac ...>
    <src refid="">

What works and is the best practice for this (adding additional source
directories for <javac> and <javadoc> source dirs based on a property)? 
Can someone please point me to the info in either the ant manual or Erik
& Steve's book (or some other URL)?  I just cannot find the details (and
have been trying a variety of things)...

>>> 10/01/02 12:57PM >>>

In the snippet below, what is the solution to get ""
shared/accessible in each target (<pathconvert> has to run only in a
target, right?!)?

And perhaps there is a better approach all around for javac & javadoc
to access the same source info with the "test" dir included only when
specified to...?

  <fileset id="" dir="csourceweb">
    <include name="source/**/*.java"/>
    <include name="test/**/*.java" if="compile.tests"/>
  <pathconvert property="" pathsep=","

<target ...
  <javac ...>
    <src refid="">

<target ...
  <javadoc ...>
    <sourcepath refid="">

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