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From "Good, Brian" <>
Subject excluding source files in javadoc task?
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2002 01:36:24 GMT
I have been trying to use the javadoc task while excluding a few source
files.  It seems that the behavior in this task is different from the
behavior in the javac task or a classpath specification.  What I want to do

<target name="javadoc" depends="compileAll">
	<javadoc destdir="${destdir.doc}">
		<package name="com.corio.cims.*"/>
  			<fileset dir="${}" 
excludes="**/,**/,**/SimpleLdapCon,**/" />

This should work, right?  But when I run the build I get an error indicating
it wants sourcepath to only be a directory listing:

D:\CIMS\source\javacode\com\corio\cims\config\ is not a

What's a better way to specify this?  I understand I can use the
"sourcefiles" attribute but don't want to list a kajillion subdirectories
with file patterns.  It's much easier to specify the files I don't want here
than the files I do want.



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