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From Johan Karlsson TACMa <>
Subject The <mail> task with mime attachment
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 17:50:24 GMT

I'm trying to use the <mail> task to send an e-mail with a jar file as
attachment. However, this is not working correctly. The e-mail is sent, but
I cannot attach anything. I get this as output:

[mail] Failed to initialise MIME mail
[mail] Failed to initialise UU mail
[mail] Using plain mail
[mail] Sending email: New Collector has been built.
[mail] From
[mail] To [Johan Karlsson <>]
[mail] Cc []
[mail] Bcc []
[mail] Sent email with 0 attachments

The definition from the build file (without the surrounding target

<mail from="" mailhost="" subject="New Collector has
been built.">
<to name="Johan Karlsson" address=""/>
<message>Collector ${version.full} ha been built successfully.</message>

Can anyone pleas help me?


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