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Subject RE: Re: Continuing with the build
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 17:36:36 GMT
we have built for ourselves 
a sweet little combination of perl and 
java standalone.....

It works like this...

1.A perl script sees a  commit in a branch of cvs 
2.It creates a file (a propeties file that signify the committ)..
3.drops it inot a directory ..
4.This directory is monitiored for 1. new notification files 2.or change in
already existing ones
5.An observer finds whether it is a new file or an old file with a timestamp
change..(each is a job)
6.queues up jobs ....(one for each type of notification file so if four
modules four queues and four threads)
7.thread executes the job on a FIFO basis and mails build results(of cource
you have to comment out System.exit() at a few places in the Main java file
and build the ant.jar again....
or better introduce a patch..
8.Thus the above allows for

Atomic commits(where a commit is follwed by a build)
queieg up jobs for a module(if multiple commits and thereforemultple builds
have to take place)
Further we do not want to interrupt a build b'coz we tend to notify the
committee(who committed)
via MailLogger of Ant ...(the mail address is dully passed in as a part of
the properies file
Concurrently processing of jobs related to differnt modules/versions...

If any one is interested would like to have comments on this 
please respond
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From: Hari Kodungallur []
Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2002 12:29 PM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Re: Re: Continuing with the build

Thanks Erik.

We have a list of fairly independent modules which needs to be 
built everyday (and generate a build report perhaps), it becomes 
necessary that the build for all modules go through. And if there 
are errors, these errors could be fixed by the owner(s) of the 
module with build error.

thanks again

On Thu, 10 Oct 2002 Erik Hatcher wrote :
>No, failonerror is a per-task type of attribute.  This issue has 
>been discussed for Ant2, perhaps in some form or 
>"aspect-oriented" manner.
>Generally speaking though, I prefer the build to fail if failure 
>occurs on any task.  I've not seen a compelling reason to do 

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