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From "Matt Lyon" <>
Subject FW: Issue with CvsTagDiff task
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2002 16:54:04 GMT

A quick follow up to my original post. In searching the list archives, I found this tidbit:

Come to think of it, my module is an ampersand module, so perhaps I need the patch Rob mentions.
Is that patch incorporated into Ant 1.5.1?


>  -----Original Message-----
> From: 	Matt Lyon  
> Sent:	Tuesday, October 22, 2002 12:38 PM
> To:	Ant-User (E-mail)
> Subject:	Issue with CvsTagDiff task
> Hi,
> I've run up a bit of an issue with the CVS taggdiff task and was curious as to whether
any other listers had experienced anything similar. I am using Ant 1.5. In my source repository,
the root path to the source is under a directory which we will call foo for sake of argument.
If I run a cvstagdiff against the foo package and feed the results through the handy-dandy
XSLT style sheet to transform the output into an HTML report, all of the ViewCVS links to
the various files in the report are enumerated correctly and link correctly. However, I have
used the CVS modules file to define various modules under the foo package. If I pass one of
these modules in instead of the root package "foo", the resulting links truncate the full
path to the files and therefore do not work correctly.
> For purposes of illustration of this problem, let's assume my directory structure looks
like foo/src/com/yeah_buddy, and a yeah_buddy module has been defined in the CVS 'modules'
file as yeah_buddy -d yeah_buddy foo/src/com/yeah_buddy. If I run a tagdiff for the yeah_buddy
module, passing it in as the "package" parameter in my cvstagdiff task, all file changes are
identified correctly but in the resulting report they are shown with broken links. So, instead
of getting a link to a changed file src/com/yeah_buddy/, for example, I get a 'busted'
link to c/com/yeah_buddy/ However, if I run a tagdiff against the foo package,
I get the same changes identified and a resulting link to src/com/yeah_buddy/ in
the HTML report. I'm pretty sure it's a problem with cvstagdiff and not the XSLT as the output
in the xml is incorrect before it is fed through the stylesheet.
> Matt

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