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From Rafal Kedziorski <>
Subject file
Date Sun, 20 Oct 2002 22:14:41 GMT

I have followin target, which will I'm using with antcall task.

     <target name="createejbjar" description="create jar file for ejb" 
         <echo message="creating ${}"/>
         <jar jarfile="${dir.jars.ejb}/${}">
             <fileset dir="${src.ejb}">
                 <include name="**/*.class"/>
                 <include name="**/*.xml"/>
             <!-- file for jar-files -->
                 <attribute name="Built-By" value="${}"/>
                 <section name="Firm">
                     <attribute name="Firm-Name" value="${}"/>
                     <attribute name="Firm-URL" value="${firm.url}"/>
                 <section name="Product">
                     <attribute name="Product-Name" value="${}"/>
                     <attribute name="Version" value="${project.version}"/>
                     <attribute name="JAR" value="${}"/>
                     <attribute name="Build-Revision" 
                 <section name="Java">
                     <attribute name="Java-Version" value="${java.version}"/>
                 <section name="Ant">
                     <attribute name="Ant-Version" value="${ant.version}"/>

Now I working for other target which should generate the same manifest 
file. But I have no idea how. Only the one parameter is 
dynamically. All other are defined as no changable properties.

Best Regards,

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