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From "Robert r. Sanders" <>
Subject Re: Looking for a Build Philosophy
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2002 18:12:41 GMT
Check out "Java Tools for Extreme Programming" by Richard Hightower and 
Nicholas Lesiecki.  I scanned my way through the examples and managed to 
pick up lots of very helpful advice that can can be applied to pretty 
much any Java development.  There are some (pricy) tools that are more 
sofisticated, but you can put together what you need for consistant 
builds using the tools they discuss.  Also check out the Maven project :   After reviewing it 
with my team we decided its current configuration required too much 
setup (we write small "glue" programs for internal use, where we 
sometimes switch off which project we're working on on a daily basis), 
but for slightly larger projects I think the setup effort would be more 
than paid back by the automation it provides.

Unchis, Debra wrote:

>Here's a change of pace question for the group...
>I am the Build Manager for my group.  By "Build Manager" I mean I wrote the
>build.xml for our code, I don't have a full fledged background in what I'm
>calling "build philosophy".
>So I'm no expert here, I'm just trying to get an idea on how other
>organizations do it. Not the technical on internal aspects of the build (not
>the targets and tasks) but the PROCESS, the philosophy behind a build. I
>know there is no right or wrong, but I don't have any examples to follow so
>that's what I'm looking to this large pool of fellow builders for:
>What I'd like to know is how often does your organization build? 
>What events lead up to your builds? 
>How involved are the individual developers? 
>How do you progress from a unit test build to a system test build?
>I mean I'm sure this can be simplified to build when it's necessary or when
>changes are made, but I find on my project that we are building every night
>and I'm finding that I spend half of my day tracking down errors and
>rebuilding. I kind of think that's a waste, but I don't have any facts or
>examples to back me up. Management says "build", so I build, but there has
>to be a better SYSTEM out there. Can you all help me out with some real life
>experiences and advice?
>Thanks so much.
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    Robert r. Sanders
    Chief Technologist

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