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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Problem with using jar files for user defined taskdefs
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2002 00:04:12 GMT
Mark Arnold wrote:
> When I try to execute my task, ant is giving me a ClassNotFoundException saying that
com.mine.myOwnSpecialTask does not exist.
> The jar file is fine however.
> Copying mySpecial.jar into %ANT_HOME%/lib did not help either. After some hours I finally
found that copying all the 3 jar files
> (optional.jar was already there anyway, but junit.jar was not there yet) into %ANT_HOME%/lib
as well finally made it work.
> So 2 questions:
> 1. Why do I have to copy the jars into %ANT_HOME%/lib if I already specify them in the
classpath tag for the taskdef?

Does your task have any other external dependencies besides those three 
JAR files?  If so, you need to specify those in the <classpath> as well.

> 2. Why does ant tell me it can not find myOwnSpecialTask in mySpecial.jar if the problem
is really the junit.jar and some of the
> classes in there which I inherit myOwnSpecialTask from?

If it can't load your task (possibly because of a missing dependency) 
then you can see this error.

> Is this problem a bug in ant or is the classpath tag within the taskdef not meant to
be used for what I think it is?

Its just the nature of the classloader beast, I believe.


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