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From Mike Morris <>
Subject <fileset> and defaultexcludes behaviour
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 11:33:29 GMT
I have a target:

<target name="clean">
      <fileset dir=".">
        <include name="**/*.class"/>
        <include name="**/*~"/>

which does /not/ delete "*~" files as I woudl have expected.  On RTFMing
I surmise that it is because "*~" is one of the defaultexclude patterns.
   So I /could/ turn off defaultexcludes, but then would have to add
excludes for all the other defaultexceludes which I really /do/ want
excluded from the delete.

This seems to me the wrong way around; I would expect any local include
to override the defaults.  Or is my head on backwards here?

Mike Morris
cOcO Technologies cc
OO & Java Consulting, Training, Software

email: mike.morris (at) coco-technologies . co . za
ph:    (Local) 044 388 4635
         (Int'l) +27 44 388 4635

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