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From George Spalding <>
Subject ant-developers. Change of behaviour of <websphere> element nested in <ejbjar>
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 06:54:00 GMT
Hi all.

Theres feature in the <weblogic> nested task
that I would like to change.
Although there are errors in the ejbdeployment, ant does not fail.

Quotation from the build log:
[ejbdeploy] [*Error] /logistics-integration.jar(Class:........ 
[ejbdeploy] [*Warning] /logistics-integration.jar(Method: cr....
[ejbdeploy] [*Error] /logistics-integration.jar(Class:...
[ejbdeploy] [*Error] ejbModule/META-INF/ejb-jar.xml(En....
[ejbdeploy] Shutting down workbench.
[ejbdeploy] Execution Halted: Validation Errors Reported
[ejbdeploy] 3 Errors, 1 Warnings, 0 Informational Messages
[ejbdeploy] Java Result: 1
Total time: 38 seconds

I tracked the problem down to 

When I modified the existing java task to fail on error:
it behaves the way I want it to.

Now, what do you think? Isn't this the way we all want it to work?!
Perhaps some users want to be able to go on with their other nested
ejbjar tasks (such as jboss...) one could have an attribute
"failonerror" either in the ejbjar or websphere task, that controls

As I'm not a committer, (I lack the skills and time) can You help me
with this? It may just be a matter of reviewing and committing my
changes. If you think they're good enough, that is...  ;)

Thanx for the help.

George Spalding
Mobile: +46 701 849 507
Home:   +46 8 21 36 59

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