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From Shorn Tolley <>
Subject JAVACMD environment variable removed in Ant 1.5.1?
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 05:56:00 GMT
Hi folks,

I've looked in the doco, and it says that I should use
the JAVACMD environment variable to specify the JVM to

But it doesn't seeem to work.
That's ok, cause I can specify the JVM to use on
individual tasks by specifying the "jvm" attribute. 
But I was under the impression that I can run the
whole Ant script under a specific JVM with the JAVACMD
variable (I don't want to change the JAVA_HOME, btw).

I've noticed that the Ant 1.5 'ant.bat' batch file has
line like the following:
but the 1.5.1. doesn't have a line like that.

Is this a problem with the batch file, or is it a
problem with the doco (ie. JAVACMD no longer


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