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From Tom Lipkis <>
Subject Re: Sorting filesets
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 17:57:48 GMT
> There isn't.  Sort order of <fileset>s is completely undefined (and
> highly OS and JVM dependent).

I was going to try to make a case for a 'sortby' attribute on <fileset>
that would take a comparator, but I can't come up with other situations
where it would be useful.

> To achieve what you want, don't use <barchtest> but write a TestSuite
> of your own that contains the tests in the order you want to run them
> - and then use <test> to run this TestSuite.

I think this is what I'll do.  Looks like it either has to find the test
classes itself, or I have to use a temp file to pass it the results of the
<fileset>.  (It runs in a different jvm and there may be too many for the
command line.)

> Note 2: don't write tests that depend on the order of execution, write
> your tests to be independent. 8-)

Right.  They are.  I hope I've adequately explained my reasons for this.


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