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From Tom Lipkis <>
Subject Re: Sorting filesets
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2002 21:05:01 GMT
> > I'm trying to find a way to run JUnit test classes in a 
> > particular order, which is determined by some property of 
> > each class.  I was easily able to pick a subset of test 
> Typically, you don't want to do this. Tests should be
> independent of each other.  JUnit does not guarantee the
> order it will run tests within a Test class, and I don't
> think Ant guarantees the order it will run tests.
> If you need to run a set of tests in a specific order, you
> can construct a test suite by hand in a Java file.  If you
> want to be able to run a single test, you can use the
> technique in Hatcher and Loughran's book on page 103.
> If you're writing tests that depend on ordering, don't.

The Test classes are independent of each other, and I am not concerned
about the order in which the tests within a single Test class are run.
However, take the case where class A depends on functionality in class B.
Having just performed a large transformation across the entire system and
broken both low-level and high-level functionality, I need to run all the
tests, but there is little point in running TestA until TestB succeeds.

My current choices are to run individual tests, manually sorting them into
a useful order, or to run all tests, with haltonfailure=no, and manually
search for failures in lowest-level classes first.  I'd like to automate
this by listing the "prerequisites" in a static var in each Test class, and
sorting based on that.  It seemed like there would be a simple way to do
that in Ant, but I don't see it.


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