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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Still problems with replaceregexp
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 14:48:41 GMT
--- Davor Cengija <> wrote:
> In v1.5.0 there was a bug in replaceregexp which caused the lines
> replaced with "" to have appended \r\n. In v1.5.1 it's suposed to be
> fixed. However, I'm still experiencing the same behaviour but that could
> be because of my mis-usage of replaceregexp.
> Basically, I have a database dump from HSQLDB which is a simple text
> file with some CREATE TABLE, CREATE ALIAS and INSERT INTO calls. I'm
> trying to filter out those INSERT INTO lines.
> However, INSERT INTO lines are matched but replaced with the new line
> character, \n (as I am running linux).

Not sure exactly what the bug-fix was, since I haven't really been able to
keep up with Ant stuff lately -- but I do have a fix for ReplaceRegExp
that introduces a 'deleteonempty' attribute, which, when set, will remove
(in that it doesn't print) lines that end up empty after substitution.

But that was back before even 1.5 went out, so I suspect the source file I
started with is pretty out-of-sync with what's in CVS at this point. If
you're up for it, I can send you my source, and you can try and integrate
it with latest CVS, then offer it up as a patch. Or if you'd rather, I can
just send it to you as a class file -- I renamed mine to ReplRegExp so it
was usuable by someone else who needed this functionality back then and
wouldn't conflict with the provided ReplaceRegExp.



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