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From Brian DeWeese <>
Subject RE: Task-writing tutorial anywhere?
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 18:26:38 GMT
I've written a couple of filters as well and I have problems with
running out of memory. However, it may be a problem with <antcall>
instead.  I make aprox. 20 calls to <antcall> to run a target that
uses filters to parse specialized portions of the javadoc in a .java
file into an .html file.  I use to do this parsing via javascript but
it ran out of memory.  I suspected the cause was the repeated calls
into BSF and Rhino so I rewrote them as filters.  But I still have
the  same error.

It only runs out of memory if I run this as the last step of a long
build process.  If I run it by itself it works ok.

Something in Ant 1.5 is leaking memory.  But I haven't investigated
yet to determine what.


--- "Shackelford, John-Mason" <> wrote:
> * Filter Plug *
> I've just completed five new filters (still testing and writing
> docs) and
> from now on I am going to make a habit of asking myself--could this
> task be
> a filter? As filterchains allow one to pipe the output of one
> transformation
> to the input of another, tasks implemented as filters become
> exponentially
> more powerful as they are combined with others. It took me a few
> minutes to
> see what was going on in the example Hatcher & Loughran provide on
> p. 519,
> but once it clicks, they are really very easy to write especially
> since so
> much infrastructure is provided. The filter writer needs only to
> write one
> method (and whatever helpers are specific to your transformation,
> plus any
> needed to process parameters if your filter supports them). 
> John-Mason Shackelford
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