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From "Tracy McAbee" <>
Subject set property problem
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2002 16:33:32 GMT
I'm relatively new to Ant and am having a problem. I'd like to set a property to the value
of a command line parameter if the parameter is passed in, or set it to "" otherwise. Here's
what I tried (but it didn't work):

    <property name="vss.label" value=""/>
    <condition property="vss.label" value="${label}">
      <isset property="label"/>
    <echo message="label=${label}"/>
    <echo message="vss.label=${vss.label}"/>

When I run it in debug, it says it won't override the previous value.  Is there a way to make
it override the value, or am I approaching this in the wrong way?  Thank you in advance for
any advice you might have.

BTW, to paint the entire picture, I'm trying to use the vssget task (from Microsoft Visual
SourceSafe Tasks) and want it to get the latest version of the files unless I specify a label
on the command line.  It seems to work if I use "" as the label when I don't specify a label
on the command line.

-Tracy McAbee
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