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From "Geoff Meakin" <>
Subject RE: Need Help with <antcall> task // Property scopes??
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2002 16:47:33 GMT
Further to investigations, it seems if I call inheritAll="false" on
<antcall> it doesnt work for properties defined as children of <project>
There's not a bug listed against the database about this.
I wasn't aware properties has "scope". Do they??


<project name="bar" default="main" basedir=".">

<target name="main">
  <property name="prop1" value="value1"/>
  <antcall target="foo" inheritAll="false">
    <param name="prop2" value="value2"/>
<target name="foo">
  <echo message="prop1 is ${prop1}"/>
  <echo message="prop2 is ${prop2}"/>


Gives me the following output
prop1 is ${prop1}
prop2 is value2

but as soon as the property goes outside the target, I get:
prop1 is value1
prop2 is value2

What do you think? I'd appreciate knowing whats right and wrong..
Thanks -Geoff

-----Original Message-----
Hi all.

I'm hoping somebody can please please help me with this:
I'm calling <antcall> several times in a large project (build.xml is 700k
The first few times its okay, but then it runs out of memory.

I've transferred everything important for this particular task down to a
buildfile, and am running that instead. This time it gets much further, but
after about the 10th <antcall> it runs out of memory again. I've passed -Xmx
-Xms as ANT_OPTS to the ANT process giving it 256Meg to play with. It gets
to about
the 50th <antcall> and then runs out of memory.

I'm guessing that everytime antcall is run, a whole new set of environment
are set up which dont get destroyed on returning from the antcall. Is that
Why is antcall soaking up so much memory- What can I do to stop this

I really need this fixed as urgently as possible, even if it means delving
into the
source of antcall and sorting it out myself which I'm happy to do, but I'd
appreciate a couple of pointers as to whats going on, because at the moment
I cant
build my system :(

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