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From "Geoff Meakin" <>
Subject RE: Access is denied
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 10:35:08 GMT
I had a similar problem with my mail dated 10/06/2002. see
responses to this

There's a <sleep> task and a <wait> task you could try from
which you should be able to ascertain whether you're
just unlucky because you're trying to do things too fast,
and at the time you're trying to copy there's
still a write lock on the file. It solved my problem anyway
It sounds like this could be the case since your problem
is intermittent

You might also find problems if the jar you are trying to
copy is in your classpath at time of launch, or even added
whilst ANT is running.. however this usually means access
is denied on <delete> or <move>, and not on <copy>


[Response: -DD
[Subject: waiting
[Hi, sorry this is a bit of a newbie question
[I am executing an external program (Installanywhere) which seems to 
[return control to ant before its taken its lock of some of my files
[Ant's next task is to copy these files to a different location, but
[it complains that "access is denied"- and fails. Immediately however
[I am able to manually copy these files to the location, so it cant
[really be that they are uncopyable.
[Is there a way of getting ANT to wait for n seconds before continuing,
[or is this a bad solution- is there a better one?
[Thanks in advance-
[(ANT 1.4.1)

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