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From Scott Ellsworth <>
Subject Re: Task missing method ? Write an ant project to disk ?
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2002 16:02:01 GMT

On Monday, September 16, 2002, at 01:59  AM, Olivier SCHMITT wrote:

>> Olivier SCHMITT wrote:
>>> hi, i'm currently building a Java IDE with ant support.
>> Either you're really really good do not like any of the open-source 
>> IDE's enough to extend them to your tastes (NetBeans, Eclipse, jEdit) 
>> or you're insane!
> I'am not insane ! :o))) This ide is a demo to show my java skills. 
> I'am unemployed ... :o(((((

 From my own experience on both sides of the table, employers are most  
impressed by practical and actualized job skills.  (In english - show 
that you know how to do something they want, and show that you have 
done it already.)  After all, if you can already do at least one thing 
they want done, they get clear benefits by hiring you.

An IDE is a big task, and one that is likely to while away many happy 
hours.  That said, with any luck, you will be employed before you 
finish it, and so it will not be a complete project to show during the 

You might be far, far better served by picking a project already in 
progress, and fixing bugs.  My choices would probably be something like 
ANT, Maven, or CruiseControl, as we use the one, and will likely use 
the other two at some point.  The key benefits are showing an 
interviewer that you are intimately familiar with the tool and how it 
helps them, and that you are able to work with a large existing code 
base.  Further, you do not lose the ability to bring in code samples.

Your call, of course, and the exact project depends on what you want to 
accomplish.  If learning Swing GUIs is the goal, for example, an HTML 
based build system is not the best route.

> Anyway, Netbeans and Eclipse are too slow even on a good pc ( i own a 
> P3 1Ghz 256 Mo)

Throw more RAM.  I found Eclipse got quite usable once I had a 512M 


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