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From Jason Untulis <>
Subject Re: Successful users of xmlcatalogs with xmlvalidate in 1.5?
Date Sun, 22 Sep 2002 07:04:34 GMT
On 02/09/18 7:17 AM, "Erik Hatcher" <>

> I'm using <xmlvalidate> with <xmlcatalog>'s a fair bit, but only against
> filesystem DTD's, not ones embedded in JAR files.

Thanks for the ideas. Your suggestion helped to determine my problem was
that I was trying to use an <xmlcatalog> defined in the top level, rather
than one embedded in the <xmlvalidate> task. It seems that, while
<xmlcatalog>s are allowed on the top level and can be used by tasks,
classpaths cannot be set for them, i.e. they only use the system classpath.
This seems like a bug to me. I'll try filing this in the next couple days.

> There are some tests for <xmlcatalog> in Ant's CVS if you are looking
> for example usage, although those do not use JAR-nested DTD's either.

Side note: the tests in CVS seem pretty simplistic. They don't cover the top
level case, a jar, a classpath element (as opposed to a classpath attribute,
which isn't mentioned in the documentation as being supported) or a system
identifier being used.


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