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From Lyndon Samson <>
Subject Re[2]: Ant build problem URGENT!!!!!!
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2002 03:34:09 GMT
You might want to try specifing the location of the compiler as a
quick solution. It's specified as an attribute of javac.

You could also try setting "build.compiler" to "modern"

Installing the jdk in the default location is another option, I'm not
sure but the fact you have it at d:\jdk1.3 may be a problem.

JS> Hi Naveen

JS> Are you using any IDE for this compile, or are you running ANT from a command line?

JS> If you are using a Eclipse/WSAD IDE, the problem can be the integration with Eclipse
and ANT, 
JS> see this link. and look under "Getting
started,  21"

JS> BR Jan

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JS> From: Naveen_JaiDayal []
JS> Sent: 17. september 2002 13:51
JS> To:
JS> Subject: Ant build problem URGENT!!!!!!

JS> Hi All
JS> I have started using Ant1.5 just today. I have installed everything as per
JS> the manual says.
JS> My OS version is Win2k, JDK version is 1.3 etc.
JS> I tried to build a small web application. The Ant utility created the whole
JS> target dir structure, copied
JS> every thing there. After that it started to compile the java files and gave
JS> this error.
JS> D:\testing\navTestSite\build.xml:104: Cannot use classic compiler, as it is
JS> not available A common
JS> solution is to set the environment variable JAVA_HOME to your jdk directory.
JS> Please anybody help me here why this is happening because I have set the
JS> JAVA_HOME property in 
JS> my environment variables properly. It is JAVA_HOME=D:\JDK1.3. 
JS> What is this classic/modern compiler problem?
JS> Thanks a Lot
JS> Naveen
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