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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re[2]: odd behavior on <target ... unless="someproperty">
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2002 18:34:09 GMT
Hello Dominique,

Ok, then how can I wrap the <input ...> in a conditional to make it
prompt for input if, and only if, the property "subprojectskip" does
*not* exist?


Monday, September 09, 2002, 1:17:20 PM, you wrote:

DD> Haven't read till the end, but by design target's run their dependencies
DD> (targets listed in the 'depends' attribute) before evaluating the
DD> 'if'/'unless'. Confusing yes, but by design. --DD

DD> -----Original Message-----
DD> From: Jacob Kjome [] 
DD> Sent: Monday, September 09, 2002 1:15 PM
DD> To: Ant Users List
DD> Subject: odd behavior on <target ... unless="someproperty">

DD> Hi,

DD> I'm using Ant-1.5.1beta1.

DD> I'm having an issue with a target running its dependencies even though
DD> unless="someproperty" is specified on that target *and* the
DD> "someproperty" was specified on the command line as
DD> "-Dsomeproperty=true".

DD> Here is the relevant Ant code...

DD>     <target
DD>         name="specify.subproject"
DD>         unless="subproject" >

DD>         <input
DD>             message="Please enter the subproject. eg...
DD> [all|dbroggisch|other...]:"
DD>             addproperty="subproject" />

DD>     </target>

DD>     <target
DD>         name="specify.subtarget"
DD>         unless="subtarget" >

DD>         <input
DD>             message="Please enter the subtarget. eg...
DD> [all|clean|compile|install|remove]:"
DD>             addproperty="subtarget" />

DD>     </target>

DD>     <target
DD>         name=""
DD>         unless="subprojectskip"
DD>         depends="specify.subproject,specify.subtarget" />

DD>     <target
DD>         name="check.subproject.control"
DD>         depends="" >

DD>         ....
DD>         ....
DD>         ....
DD>     </target>

DD> So, when the "check.subproject.control" gets called, it runs its
DD> dependency first which is "", which should
DD> skip its dependencies of "specify.subproject" and "specify.subtarget"
DD> if the property "subprojectskip" exists which it does when entered on
DD> the command line such as...

DD> ant -Dsubprojectskip=true contrib

DD> However, both the "specify.subproject" and "specify.subtarget" targets
DD> get invoked and prompt me for input.  I want to be able to disable
DD> prompting for input and it seems like what I'm currently doing should
DD> properly disable it, but it doesn't seem to work.

DD> Am I missing something here?

DD> The other weird thing about this is that if I do the following, I
DD> don't get prompted:

DD> ant -Dsubproject=dbroggisch -subtarget=compile contrib

DD> So, the "unless" on "specify.subproject" and "specify.subtarget" seem
DD> to be honored....although they don't have dependencies so maybe if I
DD> added dependencies I would see the same behavior of those dependencies
DD> running when they shouldn't just like in "".

DD> Any ideas?  Have I discovered a bug in Ant-1.5.1beta1?

DD> Jake

Best regards,

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