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From Olivier SCHMITT <>
Subject RE: Task missing method ? Write an ant project to disk ?
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 15:58:30 GMT

>Erik wrote:
> > Well, just my personal take on your skills demo project,
> > if I was interviewing someone that had reinvented the
> > wheel you can bet I'd quiz them on the "why" pretty
> > heavily!  :)
>Too true. Most development requires working with someone else's code. The
>ability to make meaningful contributions to an existing project is far more
>significant than writing from scratch. Furthermore, a contribution made to
>an existing project is more likely to be used and code in use is
>significantly more impressive than a personal project.

yes i agree with all of you but i'm french.
I'm actually living in Toulouse France.
So what ?
I'm looking for an engineer like job, the people i met during my interviews 
have for most
no knowledge in computer science, we call them "ressources humaines".
Most of them come from sales and marketing : they know how to read emails 
and that's all folks !

"look i'm involved in an Ant IDE project, my contributions are great !", 
they don't care because if they have a look
on such projects they will say : "there are 50 people working on this 
project ! How can we know if he's a skilled java developper ?"
or "what is ant ? How does it cost ?"
This kind of silly thoughts.
That the way it is in France, unfortunately.
With my IDE i can say : "look i'am able to build a Java IDE all by myself, 
and look closer it runs !", they can play with it !
But as soon as i find a job i would like to be involved in such projects , 
ant or another one.
I've used Enhydra in my former job i have lot of fun !

>Olivier, your contributions to an Ant IDE could be very helpful indeed. I
>wish you the best of success both in this project and in your search for

thanks a lot !!!

>John-Mason Shackelford
>Software Developer
>NCS Pearson - Measurement Services
>2510 North Dodge St.
>Iowa City, IA 52245
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