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From Elizabeth Cooper <>
Subject regexp file content search to form a fileset
Date Sun, 22 Sep 2002 03:59:54 GMT
To anyone who can help:

A long time ago (maybe a couple of months) I looked through the Ant 1.5 
documentation and came across (I thought)  a way to get a fileset using a 
regexp  -- searching through the CONTENTS of a source code file using a 
regexp search criteria to make the fileset.

Now I cannot find anything, so I must have been dreaming or something.

Now all I can find related to this is ReplaceRegExp  (uses regexp to make a 
file set, but based on file names, not content), and <contains> which 
searches the file contents, but only based on a String, not a regular 
expression. <contains> would be close to what I need, but I cannot search 
just for a string -- the match must be close to the beginning of the line 
and MOST IMPORTANTLY ignore white space (as well as be case insensitive).

For example, I have some source code that may have a comment such as 
"#  Java-Bean: True" or, in another file, "#     Java-Bean:True" and both 
must match the criteria (only difference is white space), so both are 
included in the fileset.

So can someone tell me if this is possible in Ant 1.5.1 and how?


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