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From "Michael J. Carlin" <>
Subject Difficulties with the Ant javadoc task
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 23:58:20 GMT
I am having difficulty getting the Ant javadoc task to work as 
desired.  Consider the simple example below.

I have the following files and directories:


The Javadoc comments in the file reference the GIF files 
in the doc-files subdirectory.

I want to configure the build.xml file to generate Javadocs for all source 
files except for

My build.xml file includes the following target:

    <target name="docs" depends="prepare">
       <javadoc packagenames="mike.*" destdir="docs" source="1.4">
          <fileset dir="src">
             <include name="**/*.java"/>
             <exclude name="mike/"/>

When I run this, Ant creates the Javadocs for all the source files except and puts them in the docs directory as desired, but it does 
not copy the doc-files directory over to the docs directory.  Thus the 
question is, how do I modify the target so that the doc-files directory is 
copied over to the docs directory while still excluding

Mike Carlin

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