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From Tammy Croteau <>
Subject Problems building EJBs
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 02:15:49 GMT

I have an ant build task that build EJBs using Bluestone.  Everything
compiles and builds, however the final step of the EJB  build process is
to copy the jar file to the target destination.  The copy fails with a
"file in use" error.  I am forking during the java call to build the
EJBs and have also tried introducing a sleep to ensure that all file
locks have been released.  This process fails on some machines and
succeeds on others - the pattern seems to be fairly random.

fork="yes" failonerror="${failonerror}">
            <arg line="${tmplib}/${NOEJB}.jar ${tmplib}/${EJB}.jar"/>
                <path refid="classpath.jdk"/>
                <path refid="classpath.jdk_ext"/>
                <path refid="classpath.bluestone"/>
                <path refid="classpath.bluestoneSAclasses"/>
    <copy todir="${JAR_DIR}" file="${tmplib}/${EJB}.jar"/>

Any suggestions on how to fix the above problem?


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