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From "Rob Walker" <>
Subject Zip update problem in Ant1.5.1Beta1
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 17:16:05 GMT
The "update" flag on the <zip> tasks seems to have been amended, and in 
1.5.1 it will not update a zip unless the zip file date is older than the file 
attempting to be updated. This is not necessarily logical behaviour - we use 
update to include standard jars (e.g. log4j.jar) which will typically always 
have an earlier file date than the zip or jar we just built.

I can't be sure this is what Ant is doing, but amending my build step as 
follows cures things and ensures the update takes place.

        <!-- nasty, but since Ant1.5 updates seem to not work -->
        <touch file="${dir.modules}/${module}.jar" datetime="09/10/1974 4:30 
	<zip    destfile="${dir.modules}/${module}.jar" 

Without the <touch> task, Ant skips the update

-- Rob Walker

SoftSell Business Systems, Ltd.
' testing solutions for a changing world '
+44 (20) 7488 3470

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