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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Properties are causing problem in 1.5
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2002 19:32:03 GMT
I didn't get any response from the group so I'm reposting this message:


Hello all,

I'm working with nested properties in some custom tasks. The property
"ea_survivalVar" is supposed to get set and then the the task "beta" is
supposed to pick up its value. (See below)

These work fine in 1.4.1 but now I get problems when I try to use 1.5.

Now in Ant 1.5 the property "ea_survivalVar" is not available to the
beta task. Any suggestions would be apprieciated.

<target name="error_analysis">
     <batch iterations="5" name="ea">
        <property name="ea_survivalVar" value="0.015"/>
        <beta name="ea_survivalMean" mean="0.98" std="${ea_survivalVar}"/>
        <antcall target="pva"/>

the batch tag is really simple it is just a TaskContainer that performs
its nested tasks a specific number of times:

      public void execute() throws BuildException {
          if (name != null) {
              if (iterations <= 0) {
                  throw new BuildException("You must specify the number
of iterations ( > 0 )",location);

          for(int i = 0 ; i < iterations ; i++){
              project.setProperty(name, Integer.toString(i));
              for (Enumeration e = nestedTasks.elements();
e.hasMoreElements();) {
                  Task nestedTask = (Task)e.nextElement();



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